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So I teased a photo a month ago of some recent purchases from Deciem and Glossier. Now, I still have yet to finish testing all the products thoroughly, but I thought I’d share my thoughts on the one with the easiest testing process: Glossier’s Rose Balm Dotcom. I threw this rose-scented balm into my Glossier order to get free shipping and also because I love anything scented with rose (at least if it really smells like a rose). And it delivers on that.

Okay, now I really feel like I should share my reservations on the Glossier brand. Tracy at Fanserviced-B has commented on it in the past, and Caroline Hirons makes a hilarious analogy to Mean Girls in a recent review. And I have to say, I’m kind of on board with that. I definitely don’t feel cool enough to be a Glossier girl. First of all, I’m probably too old at 33, which irks me. Then, of course, I don’t live in New York City, in a spacious, minimalist apartment filled with luxury beauty products and scented candles. I basically never worry about what products will help me get over a hangover. In fact, I generally get a hangover from staying up past 10:30 p.m. more often than I get one from actually drinking too much alcohol (which for me is more than two drinks). I am not a cool girl. I am neither cool, nor a girl (I am a woman. Roar.).

And, frankly, I can’t or won’t use plenty of Glossier’s products. Their moisturizer “for all skin types?” Yeah, it contains an ingredient that breaks me out 100% of the time I’ve tried it. Same with their moisturizing mask. And I don’t need to pay over $20 for a jar of mud mask when I can get a French pharmacy brand mud mask for less money. Nor do I need to pay what they charge for a serum when I can get something really similar for much, much less money from Deciem’s The Ordinary brand (a brand that takes minimalist cool and actually charges a minimalist price for it).

Okay, that’s my rant. And I have to say, that aside, the two things I’ve tried from Glossier, I actually kind of love. My full review of the Milky Jelly Cleanser will come soon, once I’ve really put it through its paces as a cleanser, but for now: The Balm Dotcom.

Okay, so first of all, this is strictly a lip balm for me. It contains shea butter, which is that 100% will break me out ingredient. I find that I’m fine if it stays on my lips. But of course, I keep an eye on things to make sure I’m not letting it stray past the lip line. But as a lip balm, it’s top-notch. I mean, it gets a lot of hate for basically being fancied-up Vaseline, but that’s not really true. First of all, there is nothing wrong with Vaseline. It’s a lovely occlusive. Petrolatum is my best friend in dry weather for sealing in my evening skin care before I go to bed. Aside from that, The Balm Dotcom contains plenty of things besides petrolatum. Most excitingly for me, it contains lanolin, which is what my standard bedtime lip balm is: pure lanolin. But it also contains other goodies that manage to give the balm a thick texture, good slip, but not be shiny on my lips. It doesn’t look like a gloss. It just looks like moisturized lips. It’s much less sticky than either my go-to Lansinoh or the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask (which has some similar ingredients). And it’s actually less expensive than the Bite Beauty.

And, oh my, the scent. This is a really old-fashioned true rose scent. This smells like rose-scented powder or rosewater. And it’s very lightly pink, which shows up a shade on a hand swatch, but doesn’t show up as any tint whatsoever on my lips. This excels in my mind as a purse balm. It makes me feel like a fancy cool girl when I pull out that little iconically-pink tube, it smells lovely, and I just use a dab to prep my lips if I need to reapply lipstick mid-day, or if it’s the weekend and I’m wearing yoga pants and a sweatshirt and want to make it look like that’s actually style and not just laziness. I wouldn’t use this as an every-night lip mask. I’ll save it and use my $6 mega-tube of lanolin nipple balm for that. But as a high-end lip balm? It’s wonderful. I almost wish they made a rose-scented version of the cherry-red balm because that looks like it would leave more of a tint, but I’m not a big cherry lip balm person.

So if you have the budget for it and you like scented lip balm (and especially if you like roses), give it a try.

Disclaimer: I purchased this product myself with my own money and was not given any incentive to review this product positively or negatively. Links are not affiliate links, but if you’d like to support my Glossier habit, you can use my affiliate link here.

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