Welcome, Fifty Shades of Snail Readers!

Hello and welcome! You may have found this blog today through my guest post on Fifty Shades of Snail. I’m so grateful to Jude for working with me and I hope you’ll take a second to look around and get to know me.

First of all, ceci n’est pas un <<beauty blog>>. It may look like a beauty blog, but though I write often about beauty and skin care, the blog as a whole is more eclectic and varied. See my “About” page for details.

If you’re interested in my thoughts about beauty and skin care, you could take a look at my current hair care routine, or my basic makeup routine. I haven’t updated my skin care routine post in a long time, but in the meantime, take a look at my skin care routine for when life gets hectic. Also, if you, like me, find the current offerings of cleansing balms on the market lacking, check out my homemade emulsifying cleansing balm.

Other than that, I like to blog about tea. I’m a great drinker and lover of teas, and you will often find my thoughts about some new tea or other. I also post mini-reviews of teas I’m enjoying on my Instagram page. You may also find the occasional blog or Instagram post about my cat, TweedCat.

While I am not exactly a vintage blogger, I take a lot of my personal style from vintage fashion, and I like to pass the time in old-fashioned ways, by crocheting or by cooking and baking or even by brewing my own mead and hard cider. And I also talk about life in general. I’m thirty-four years old and recently wrote a two-part musing about looking and acting one’s age, something that I’m sure Asian beauty enthusiasts consider as the glow confuses people.

Whatever your interests, welcome!

4 thoughts on “Welcome, Fifty Shades of Snail Readers!

  1. I may have squee’d a bit when I saw a tea blogger I had not discovered yet! AB skincare and mindful cultural awareness are a bonus! Can’t wait to look around at your tea musings 🙂

    I am a long-time tea addict and my loose leaf collection and gong fu cha tea ware are where a significant portion of my “play” money go, but my introduction to AB skincare is likely to suck a portion of this away for the time being as I explore and try new things. Now I can finally justify my tea stash!

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    • Oh my, I was just recently enabled to place a rather large order from What-Cha and I ought to get around to tasting and sharing notes on everything soon. I’ve been doing bits and pieces on Instagram until I have the whole post ready, though. Welcome!


  2. I just wanted to say I really enjoyed your piece on Fiddy’s blog, and it gave me a lot of food for thought. I’m looking forward to reading around your articles and seeing what’s what. Thanks for an informative and very well written piece!


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