Beauty Review: Glossier Generation G Lipstick vs. Colourpop Blotted Lip

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Last month, I posted on my Instagram about receiving two different lip products that are often compared to one another. I did a little unboxing and first impressions, and even shared some swatches. You see, I’ve been curious about the “blotted lip” idea for a while. The basic idea is that it’s a sheer lipcolor, but it has a matte finish instead of being creamy or glossy like most tinted balms. It’s an interesting idea, particularly for someone who always feels the need to have some color on her lips, but doesn’t necessarily want to deal with the upkeep of a full-on saturated lipcolor every day. So when I splurged on Glossier’s Birthday Balm, I also got one of their Generation G lipsticks. Then, I decided, hey, why not do a little comparison, so I hopped on over to Colourpop’s website and got two of their Blotted Lip lipsticks.

I got the Glossier lipstick in the color Zip, which is a warm red color, and the Colourpop lipsticks in Lolly, which is a berry-wine color, and Lexi, which is a neutral-cool red. They’re not color dupes, although Lexi and Zip are quite similar. Lolly seems like it might be similar to the Glossier Jam color. In terms of value, I got the Glossier lipstick for $18, and got free shipping because I bought it with the Birthday Balm. The Colourpop lipsticks were $5 each, but I had to pay shipping, so both Colourpop lipsticks cost $15 with shipping. Still, I got two Colourpop lipsticks for less than the cost of one Glossier. If you find friends to go in on a Colourpop order, you could probably get free shipping without buying ridiculous amounts of makeup. Even though the Glossier lipstick is 2g of product to the Colourpop 1g, the Colourpop is still the clear winner in terms of amount-for-the-money.

So, are they formula dupes? I had high hopes. I love to hate on Glossier, despite the fact that they make the only cleanser that I love. And the Generation G lipstick is so easy to rag on. I mean, it looks so cheap. When I first opened them, I already thought the Colourpop tube felt heavier and more expensive than the Glossier. And they’re basically the same product, in concept. How hard could it be to make a cheap, low-pigment lipstick?

Pretty hard, apparently. Despite my high hopes, I have to say, I definitively prefer the Glossier formula to the Colourpop. Actually, one of the reasons this review has taken so long to write is because I really didn’t want that to be true. But I took the two Colourpop lipsticks to a conference and wore them every day for a week. I found them difficult, patchy, and dry to apply, not great-feeling on the lips, and patchy when they wore off. There’s just enough pigment to highlight dry lip areas, but not enough to cover any lip variations. It’s like the worst of both worlds. Add in that the formula itself dries your lips out, and I actually went bare-lipped on evening rather than try to reapply. You can’t apply them if you have too much lip balm on already, but if you haven’t moisturized your lips, they drag and catch. It’s not fun and it’s really fussy for what is supposed to be a low-maintenance product.

Irritatingly, the Glossier formula lives up to their cool girl, effortless beauty aesthetic. Like the Colourpop, it doesn’t give much color if you apply it directly on top of lip balm, but it goes onto dry lips with a satisfying glide. It doesn’t add moisture of its own, but it doesn’t steal it from your lips. I never tested it out over a consistent week like the Colourpop ones, but it’s the lip product I find myself reaching for when I’m going out somewhere and don’t want to look too “done,” but want to look nice. I wore it to a baby shower this weekend. I threw it in my purse to wear after the gym. I actually felt a little bit like a cool-girl Glossier model when I finished my barre class, washed my face, threw my hair into a messy braid, and applied just sunscreen, concealer, mascara, and Zip before going to work. I mean, I’m about 10 years too old, and wasn’t wearing a minimalist-chic outfit, but you get the idea.

So the bottom line is that in a battle of Colourpop vs. Glossier in blotted lip products, I found Glossier to be the winner. That said, I probably wouldn’t rebuy the Glossier lipstick if only because I would rather take a little extra time and sheer out an existing lipstick of mine than spend $18 on unpigmented lipstick again.


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