Hello! I’m Jenn. I love cozy vintage style, tea, and beauty products. I live in the D.C. area with my partner Dan, our cat Sophie, and our child Elliot. My life has changed as I’ve become a new mum, but I still love to putter around in the kitchen, take time to care for myself through beauty routines, and drink a great deal of tea.

“Why Tea Leaves and Tweed?” you might ask. Tea is a large part of my every day life. I drink tea throughout the day, and find it invigorating, warming, and comforting. I have a large collection of teas and teaware, and I like to make little delicious things to go with them. Of course, my love of vintage beauty means my tea cups all have red lip prints on them.

Tweed is because when I started this blog it was cold. Tweed to me is the epitome of carefree, bohemian, English country style, which is an ethos I like. I am drawn to cozy mysteries of the English countryside and vintage style, but I also love a good cocktail party when the mood takes me.

This is my place to share my lifestyle, such as it is. I hope you enjoy reading about it. You can also follow me on social media:

YouTube: Tea Leaves and Tweed

Instagram: @tealeavesandtweed

Facebook: Tea Leaves and Tweed

Twitter: @tealeavesntweed

Pinterest: TeaLeavesnTweed

BlogLovin’: Tea Leaves and Tweed

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