Contact and Sponsorship

If you are interested in contacting me, for any reason, you can email me at tealeavesandtweed -at- I am open to discussing potential sponsorship collaborations and receiving items in exchange for review, but I do ask that any reviews be entirely my own opinion. I will not write posts to be approved by an outside body before posting. I also am not a professional aesthetician or makeup artist and cannot give skincare advice.

Products I’m interested in reviewing include:

  • Teas: I am currently not accepting new review samples of caffeinated teas, as I have had to cut back on caffeine for health reasons.
  • Beauty: I am currently not accepting new review samples of skin care and beauty products.
  • Teaware: I would be interested in reviewing tea paraphernalia, be it Eastern or Western influenced, especially novel ways of brewing tea for just one person.
  • Clothing and accessories: I have a vintage-inspired asthetic and gravitate towards muted tones and florals. The color theme of my blog should give an idea what colors I enjoy. I live in the Northern hemisphere in a city that is cold in the winter and hot and muggy in the summer. I don’t wear heels often, but consider a supportive and attractive flat shoe worth its weight in gold.
  • Food and Kitchen: I am an amateur home cook at best, but I do enjoy my time in the kitchen. I especially love to bake and welcome all potential collaborations with bakewear and cookware creators, as well as cookbook authors.
  • Books: I like to read science fiction and fantasy and will happily read and review books, particularly those by women and non-white authors.
  • Yarn and Crochet Tools: I am eternally lazy and capricious in my crochet, so send yarn at your own risk. I’m still working on a piece using yarn I bought almost three years ago. And I have a firm grip and tend to break non-metal crochet hooks.

I look forward to hearing from all of my audience! Thank you for visiting.