Musings and Ramblings

I’ve been a bit remiss about posting. Part of the reason for that are rehearsals ramping up for my next theater project: Enchanted April. I’m so excited to be playing Lady Caroline Bramble in the stage adaptation of the novel. Lady Caroline is a lovely young socialite with a troubled past and plenty of secrets. She’s very private and quiet most of the time, so it will be an interesting role. And she has a very daring and ecclectic wardrobe, which will be fun. The costumer and I have worked together before, so I’m looking forward to seeing what she pulls for me in a couple weeks.

I’ve also been spending a not-small amount of time planning out my recently-upgraded skin care routine. Because I’m waiting on packages from overseas, I have time to really spread out the testing of different products and watch for adverse reactions from each one. Because I love organization, I’ve put all this into a spread sheet. I’ve also decided to organizer my hair care routine like this as well. This past weekend, I indulged in a scalp massage with peppermint oil, a lovely scalp exfoliation with an acidic shampoo, and a deep conditioning treatment. I have a few new hair treats coming soon to add in, as well.

This weekend, I also had another opportunity to visit the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City to see a matinee of their production of Manon Lescaut. It was a gorgeous production, with sets and costumes inspired by wartime France in the 1940s, which I thought was a neat update. The singers were not only wonderful singers but also fantastic actors, and the lead tenor managed to make it through despite suffering from the flu! Having just had the dubious honor of performing with an unhealthy voice, I could hear where he really started straining and I was that much more impressed at how well he was able to maintain the strength and quality of his vocal sound.

So a whirlwind week of rehearsals, a whirlwind weekend of travel and culture, and what little time in between taken up with beauty planning means less time to plan, write, and take photos for blog posts. But I am not going anywhere for long, and I do have posts planned and photos to take for the future. Until then, I hope you will curl up with a cup of tea and wait patiently!

Quiet Moments with Sirs Elgar and Davis

Something that surprises some people is that I most frequently listen to classical music. I don’t avoid other kinds of music, but my radio stays tuned to a classical station unless one is not available, and when I relax with music, I generally choose classical. Part of this came from starting ballet again a few years ago as an adult, as I often listen to the music to which I dance, but I haven’t stuck to swing or Argentine tango music as much as I’ve been drawn to classical.

There is something evocative for me in classical music. I’ve started to recognize composers’ stylistic idiosyncracies, and the styles of specific time periods and countries. Russian music very dark and deep at times, while French Baroque music is full of the lavish pomp that I associate with Versailles. English music reminds me of Thomas Hardy, evoking scenes of the country and sunshine.

Last night, I was reading about a tour of a British country estate and decided to seed a Pandora station with Sir Edward Elgar for a playlist of music that is bright and uncomplicated but still emotional and passionate in its way. It was lovely. I could sit for hours listening to such beautiful music, perhaps on a sun-drenched patio watching the birds cavort and the trees blow softly in the wind while sipping a cup of tea.

But for now, I take my time curled up at night, listening to lovely music while I read about lovely places and dream about trips I may take some day.